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Technical Documentation Technician

Ionut, University of Pitesti student, shifted from interning at LEONI to Technical Documentation Technician.

My story at LEONI

My name is Ionut. Currently, I am a student at the University of Pitesti, enrolled in the "Faculty of Mechanics and Technology," majoring in Industrial Economic Engineering. I began my interaction with LEONI company through an internship during the summer of my third year of study. Having just completed another internship, I stumbled upon an opportunity offered by LEONI on my faculty's website. I applied, and within about a week, I was contacted by an HR representative. Following the necessary interview process, I was informed that I had been accepted into the internship program.

Now in my fourth year of studies, I am concurrently employed at LEONI as a Technical Documentation Technician. Thanks to a favorable working schedule, I am able to effectively fulfill my responsibilities both as an employee and as a student. The transition from the role of an intern to that of a technician was quite natural, even slightly dynamic. Initially, I worked for 3-4 weeks in the capacity of a student intern. Subsequently, I was informed that I would be assuming the position of Technical Documentation Technician within the Production Engineering department, where I had been interning.

My job

As an intern, I was involved in a project for Renault parts, where my tasks included preparing technical documentation and organizing a factory area. Specifically, I worked on reorganizing a shelf storage area and shop stocks, as well as reordering references within a certain area. These tasks primarily involved organizational skills, which greatly contributed to my skill development in this area.

In my current role as a technician, I am assigned to the Porsche Panamera project. I utilize programs such as Leicad and Leyman, which process the layout structure for wiring placement in workstations. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to develop my design skills, as well as proficiency in Microsoft Office.

My daily routine

It is important to mention that no two days are the same. Each day presents new challenges and often brings a range of emotions. These emotions serve as motivation, pushing me to surpass the level of knowledge acquired in previous days. As a technical documentation technician, I find myself learning something new every day. My main tasks involve updating layouts on boards and drafting various documents used across multiple stations in the factory.

My day typically begins with prioritizing tasks. I tackle what seems easiest first to avoid getting stuck on initial problems. By starting with simpler tasks, I can often find more effective solutions for more challenging ones. However, I don't consider any task too difficult; every challenge has a solution, whether it comes from me, my colleagues, or through collaboration.

During lunch breaks, I enjoy spending time with my colleagues, sharing incidents and experiences until the break. I am fortunate to be part of a supportive group where we complement each other, fostering positive discussions. In my four months here, I have not encountered any social problems.

In the second part of the day, after lunch, I either continue tasks from earlier or begin new ones.

My enthusiasm

I believe that every day holds the potential for excitement, and there are many memorable moments. One that comes to mind is when I learned that I was selected for an interview for the technician position, and another is when I received positive feedback after the interview. Additionally, I find satisfaction in completing tasks well; it reaffirms my sense of usefulness and dedication to my work. These moments of accomplishment bring me excitement and confidence.

My view of LEONI as an employer

During my experience at LEONI, I formed many friendships and developed close relationships with colleagues. I was able to integrate easily into a new environment with a different organizational structure. I approached each challenge with determination and gave it my all right from the beginning.

The team I belong to is highly dynamic, and the spirit of teamwork is effectively cultivated. More often, colleagues collaborate rather than work independently, which significantly aided my transition from student to technician. The support I received from my colleagues helped me approach the learning process with confidence. Consequently, I believe I experienced a smooth and efficient transition between roles. Even in my current role as a technician, I continue to receive valuable support. While I encounter occasional challenges in my day-to-day work, I have found solutions with the help of my colleagues' involvement and my own dedication.

From my perspective, LEONI is a well-organized and compartmentalized company. The departments are hierarchically structured, yet teamwork is highly encouraged while allowing for individual autonomy. Efficiency is also a core focus at our company, with clear expectations set for each employee.

To me, LEONI embodies spontaneity, perseverance, ambition, and authenticity.

My tips

To be curious, ambitious, and to efficiently manage one's time and activities, regardless of their complexity. It's important to be cautious with time management and have the courage to experiment, accepting that mistakes are a natural part of learning. Making mistakes is not a catastrophe; rather, it's often the first step toward success. In my view, if everything went perfectly, it would be cause for concern. Perfection suggests a lack of challenge or growth. In reality, imperfections are inevitable and necessary for progress. If everything appears flawless, it's likely that something has been overlooked or misunderstood.

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