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Field Report

High school student internship

Andreis' LEONI internship during 10th grade aligned perfectly with his technical-electrical studies, lasting two successful months.

My story at LEONI

My interaction with LEONI started when I was a high school student in 10th grade at "Bistrita Technological High School”. I had to follow an internship during the summer, for about 2 months to fulfill the practical part of the semester and LEONI seemed to me the best place for my technical-electrical field of study. The experience turned out to be a very good one.

 In the 10th grade, during the 2 months, I’ve met beautiful people and I’ve learned how the activity in the factory was carried out. Several departments were presented and a coordinator was allocated to guide us. It was very interesting for me to discover the machines  and very complex devices but also getting to know the working environment. In the second year of practice, in 11th grade, it was helpful that I already knew the factory and the machines, which led me to be more involved in the activities carried out under the guidance of the coordinators in the technical departments.

My job

It looked like I was already an employee there. I imagined that I was already employed, I would wake up in the morning, go by bus, arrive at the appropriate time. At the meeting point in the factory, several coordinators would come, divide us into groups and then take us to present the tasks we had to complete for that day. First they would explain to us, then they would show us about 2-3 times to make sure that we understood how to operate the respective machine and then they would let us operate it, to see if we understood. I have learned best to work with compaction and welding machines. We had a procedure to follow, then we were testing different machine functions. I personally really liked the two machines mentioned. After learning to operate a certain machine, we would move on to learning another new thing. It was a very dynamic and interesting learning experience.

My enthusiasm

Almost all the moments were exciting because I was coming across new things. However, I found the testing part of the production machines the most interesting.

Besides operating all kinds of machines, I liked the staff, the people there made me very happy because they all wanted to teach me something, they were all helpful, both the bosses and the operators. They encouraged me, and they gave me the feeling that they wanted me to come work at LEONI, and that seemed like a good thing to me, the fact that they were promoting work within the company.

My view of LEONI as an employer

I felt important at LEONI from the beginning, even though I was enrolled as a student. I appreciated the fact that all the work stations in LEONI Bistrita were well organized, there were different projects in which I was involved and I knew exactly what input I had to bring to that project. This gave me a sense of clarity, security and a sense of belonging to the LEONI team.

I like that it is a very serious company, the work is done within a team, and the staff inspires a sense of trust and collaboration. Collaboration is very important to me, and at the same time, I am attracted by the new generation of machines, which are used in LEONI. Another important point for me is that I could work in an environment where I could apply my knowledge.

LEONI in three words? The best company, seriousness, pleasure in what you do and a place that values ​​diligence and efficiency.

My tips

The first advice would be to pay attention to what is discussed, what is explained to him, because in this way he will reach the desired performance in the learning process. I can say this because it worked for me, to always pay attention, to follow the work instructions, to follow what the employee who was showing us how to use a machine is doing. In short, I urge him to be present in his experience.

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