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Field Report

Specialist Production Concept

Adrian, joined LEONI in 2014 and now works as a Specialist Production Concept

My story at LEONI

From educational path point of view, I graduated "George Cosbuc National College" in Nasaud, and I studied at the "Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Protection in Industry" for 4 years, out of which 2 years spent in Cluj and 2 others in Baia Mare.

Within LEONI, I started working as a Line Runner in production for a year, after which I saw that a new position as a Warehouseman was open and I submitted an application for it. I was accepted and for almost 2 years I continued my journey in LEONI as a Storekeeper.

After this period, I moved to the Engineering department for a "Low Voltage, BMW brand" project for a year. From 2018 to 2020, I held the position of Production Engineer on Sample Section within Mercedes project. Thanks to this project, which was implemented in Bistrita, a new factory was built in Serbia to support production in this regard. Thus, we were appointed Lead Plant for the production plant in Serbia.

Next, I developed in the role of Change Management Engineer within the same Mercedes project, and after a year I received another project called "Project 1 AMG" within which I took care of all subjects related to development, technical drawings and duties in the sphere of interactions with the client.

As of 2023 I’m part of the country team called Production Concept responsible for high voltage projects.

Basically, over time, we made the transition from projects in the Low Voltage area to High Voltage projects.

My job

This role has brought with it new challenges and new things to learn, given that different tasks have arisen than those handled up until now. A novelty was the part of RFQs with which I had no contact before. We are currently collaborating with different clients to manage quotations for new projects coming from the High Voltage sphere for LEONI Romania.

We are involved in a synergy project, through which we want to combine several projects coming from the same client, and our focus in recent weeks has been directed towards giving presentations in this regard, calculating different scenarios and running meetings with the project team.

There are currently 8 colleagues in the team I belong to. We each have our own project, but we share our knowledge, help and support each other. We usually have lunch together, we also go out on some weekends, we are a nice team.

My enthusiasm

I am delighted that I had the chance to be part of several teams, from several departments, and thus I could see the steps of the production process, from incoming through the position of Warehouseman and Line Runner to the current position of Production Concept Specialist , where I have direct contact with the client's requirements. I was able to observe all the processes required for production and I liked the fact that I evolved more and more over time.

One such moment was when I was on business trip in Bremen, Germany, on the Mercedes assembly line, where I worked for 3 months. Other exciting moments were the UK business trips for "Project 1 AMG" from the Multimatic company. This experience gave me the chance to interact with the customer in the production halls and I was able to observe the assembly process of the car, which I found very interesting. I felt lucky to have such experiences.

My view of LEONI as an employer

One of the aspects I appreciate is the fact that you are given chances to promote, if you like what you do and are interested and learn what you have to do, you have the opportunity to grow, to develop more and more.

LEONI offers you a working environment with good conditions and various facilities (e.g. transportation to the workplace, the existing canteen in the factories). The work atmosphere can be influenced by the team you are part of, but I am happy to be part of a team in which I have easily integrated and with whom I enjoy working.

For me LEONI means Involvement, Perseverance, Opportunity.

My tips

It depends on what position they would be working on, but I would tell them to initially take a walk around the factory, to observe how the work processes are carried out within LEONI, assisted of course by a trainer. I would advise them to be curious and find a role with activities they would enjoy doing. It is very important that you like what you do and find it interesting. I personally found interesting both the High Voltage part, where there is more equipment, and the Low Voltage part, where there are more people.

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