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Field Report

Segment Leader

Lăcrimioara has worked at LEONI since 2011 as a Line and Segment Trainer, and she is Segment Manager since June 2023.

My story at LEONI

I have been employed at LEONI since 2011, which means I've been with the company for 12 years. Three months after starting, I was promoted to Line Trainer and was assigned to my first delegation in Arad. There, I was tasked with teaching new operators how to build samples, marking my initial exposure to cable work. The first department I worked in focused on the construction of "DAF CHASSIS" cables, but I also worked with departments catering to Volvo and Perkins customers. As a Line Trainer, my main challenge was building the first prototype cables, ensuring they were easy to reproduce by colleagues for standardized series production.

Following a short period as a Line Trainer, I transitioned to become a Segment Trainer, a position I held for 10 years. My primary responsibility was providing theoretical training to new employees. In production, we taught them to operate different tools and machines, explained the concepts of wires and cables, demonstrated electrical testing procedures, and guided them through packaging and the entire production process, which varied depending on the cable type and project requirements.

Over the last 10 years, I've encountered various challenges as new situations arose, employees had different questions, doubts emerged, and misunderstandings occurred. However, I've always been able to resolve these situations through collaboration with colleagues.

Most of my work has been at the Beius factory, although I've had opportunities to support colleagues in Arad and have also worked in newly established factories in Malosiste, Serbia, and Casablanca, Morocco.

In August 2022, I was promoted to Team Leader in the "MAN CHASSIS" department, and as of June 2023, I have held the position of Segment Leader.

My job

A typical workday starts at 8 o'clock in the morning with the preparation of reports highlighting the previous day's production. Following that, we move on to production planning. I closely communicate with the two team leaders who are my direct reports, and together, we coordinate 129 employees. We assess material requirements, cable construction methods, quality standards, and all factors related to harness construction, from the initial steps to the final product leaving our factory. Additionally, we address any complaints from colleagues, discussing their needs and identifying areas for improvement to enhance efficiency. We are also responsible for assigning newly arrived colleagues to their respective workstations.

During the lunch break, I join my colleagues, and afterward, we continue our morning activities."

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My enthusiasm

The most exciting moment was when I felt the satisfaction of success. For instance, when we delivered the prototype of a wiring harness to the customer, and it was validated qualitatively, meeting all the customer’s requirements. The customer even sent us pictures of the first cabin with the prototype wiring installed. Witnessing the first harness we delivered in the customer’s exhibition prototype was incredibly thrilling. I felt proud of myself, my production colleagues, and the engineering and quality teams for what we achieved.

My view of LEONI as an employer

What I appreciate most about LEONI is the mutual respect and communication among colleagues, as well as with the management team. I value the dedication to work and the seriousness with which tasks are approached at LEONI, along with the employer's commitment to all employees. I appreciate our professional approach to work and the openness to honest communication. I prefer a face-to-face approach, where we address problems openly and work together to find solutions. Respecting the people I work with is crucial for me, and I believe it contributes to our success.

Initially, I found it challenging until I learned to collaborate effectively with my colleagues. People have their own problems and grievances, but by understanding each individual, I've learned to work with them and even motivate them in their day-to-day activities. Together with my colleagues, I've learned many aspects related to production, quality, cleanliness, and more. As we've grown accustomed to working together, the atmosphere on the production line has become much calmer, creating a safe space where people can freely express themselves.

By encouraging my colleagues to see me as an equal, when I join them on the line, everyone is relaxed, and we can have open discussions while working. If I need to assist with something, we work together without any issues, as we operate on the same level.

To me, LEONI signifies respect, collaboration, communication, and seriousness.

My tips

One piece of advice would be to be patient with yourself, especially because there are individuals who might think, 'I will never learn,' 'I won't understand,' or 'I won't be able to do it.' The approach at LEONI is different—it's about saying 'yes, you can,' 'let us help you,' and 'let us teach you.' Learning happens gradually; what you learn today, you apply tomorrow, and you'll eventually find success and satisfaction in your achievements. Initially, it might feel challenging as you adjust to the company, new processes, the team dynamics, and your manager. There are numerous factors to consider from the start, but remember, we're all here to learn together.

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