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Field Report

Recruiting Specialist

Mirela joined LEONI in 2018, she started as an Operator and now works as a Recruiting Specialist.

My story at LEONI

I have been working in LEONI since 2018, when I got hired as an Operator. I chose this company based on the recommendation of my brother, who was already working here. It was a little difficult for me at first, until I got used to the environment, to the work tasks, but as soon as I started to communicate more and more with my colleagues, to make friends, the integration process became easier. After about two months I started to feel "from the place". As an Operator, my tasks were to assemble and test some components according to specific work instructions. After a short time, I became a Moderator. This role implies to supported my colleagues when they got errors while testing certain components. I supported them to meet production targets and worked side by side with them. Later, I became a Department Secretary for a period of two years, a role in which I primarily dealt with the management of the documents necessary for the team's activity.

Currently I work as a Recruitment Specialist in Human Resources department. So far my experience within the team has been and continues to be positive. As a Recruiter I communicate with people, I drive the recruiting interviews for specific positions and I guide new hires through our onboarding program. Recently I had an experience that made me feel positive emotions, by the fact that I chose a candidate who had just completed his studies, for an Engineer position. Although the candidate did not had experience behind, he showed considerable potential for development. It is very fulfilling to know that you are helping someone to achieve a dream.

My daily routine

In the morning when I arrive at work, I discuss updates, priorities, and our plans for the day with my colleagues before starting my tasks. I begin by checking the recruitment needs and identifying the number of open positions. Then, I select suitable CVs and reach out to potential candidates for the roles I am responsible for, organizing interviews accordingly. Throughout the recruitment process, I maintain constant interaction with candidates, providing feedback up to the final offer stage.

Around noon, I take my lunch break with the team, usually in the canteen. This provides me with the opportunity to interact with colleagues from the Human Resources team and other departments. Working in various departments over time has allowed me to meet many people and adapt to different workplace environments. I have felt welcomed in each department I've been a part of and have maintained good relationships with many individuals.

What I enjoy most is communicating with people and learning new things. The Recruiter role allows me to discover something new every day. I appreciate working in a supportive team environment where we help each other. When new situations arise, and I'm unsure how to solve them, we collaborate and find solutions through team brainstorming sessions. I feel supported in my work, especially as I am still at the beginning of my recruiting journey. Having a supportive team that fosters inclusion contributes significantly to a pleasant working environment.

My enthusiasm

One such moment occurred during my first interview for a role I was recruiting for. I felt nervous because I hadn't conducted an interview before and was afraid of delving into too much detail or veering off-topic. However, it turned out well in the end. I realized that these emotions led to a positive change and increased my confidence. Now, during interviews, when I notice candidates are nervous, I empathize with them and offer encouragement. I even share my own experience as an interviewee to show them that I've been in their shoes. This helps them gain courage and begin to relax.

My view of LEONI as an employer

From my perspective, everything is well-organized at LEONI. Procedures are followed meticulously, each process is well-established, and the entire structure is clear. This means that if you need to understand something or find information, you know where to look or who to ask.

LEONI, to me, represents a friendly environment that encourages self-discovery and a company that recognizes and nurtures potential, even when individuals may not see it themselves. From the beginning, LEONI believed in me and motivated me to grow, encouraging me to pursue a role that resonates with my true self. Additionally, I feel that the company genuinely cares for both its employees and the community. For instance, we recently organized a blood donation campaign in our factory, inviting all employees to participate.

My tips

Be patient with them at the beginning, and don't give up despite the challenges of adjusting to the volume of new information, people, and tasks.

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