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Hiring more than 4.500 employees on very short notice

Discover how Mihaela and her team built an entirely new production from the ground up.

"We never start from “if we can do it”, we directly think "how we can do it"!"


During my time here at LEONI I have learned that with the right mindset, we can overcome any challenge – and I am very glad that we’re “build” this way because in 2022, our organization faced a challenge that truly tested the limits of our capacities:

Triggered by the Ukraine crisis, duplication projects in three different sites needed to be set up simultaneously – a massive endeavor that did not only end up with us recruiting more than 4,500 employees with very tight deadline. Production lines needed to be physically set up, entire plants needed to be reorganized or even rebuilt and know-how needed to be transferred quickly.

It was a project that literally pushed everybody to the limit – and it felt just like building an entirely new company from the ground up.

What made the situation even more challenging was the fact that we needed to face it with the limited resources we had at hand. The geographical distances between our sites, some up to 7 hours apart, generated even more complexity. Yet, just like we always do, we approached this challenge not by asking ourselves whether we could do it – but by identifying solutions how we could make it happen.

I am still amazed at the massive teamwork as well as the courage and creativity of all the people who accepted the challenge and, in the end, it was a journey that I look back on with immense pride. We had truly defied the odds through our unity, our collective will, and the belief that we could achieve the extraordinary – and all of that with little time, resources or tools at our disposal.

To me, this experience is a perfect example of the result that comes from empowering a team to go beyond the limits.

I have the sense of personal development and the feeling of truly being able to make a difference – which makes me proud to be a LEONIan.

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