LEONI in Romania

LEONI entered the Romanian market in 2000 with the opening of the first WSD (Wiring Systems Division) plant in Arad. There followed the plants in Bistrita (2002) and Pitesti (2005), and afterwards the satellites in Beius, Luduş, Marghita and Bumbeşti-Jiu were opened. In 2016, the first LEONI Shared Service Center (SSC) was established in Cluj-Napoca. With approximately 13,000 employees, LEONI is one of the biggest employers in Romania.

Over time, each Romanian plant has won important awards and received recognition of international clients for which we supply cables, wire systems and harnesses, as follows:

  • The plant in Arad was named Plant of the Year, Cost and Motivation category (2010); received the Excellence Award from GM client (2013) and earned the status of Provider of the Year (2013).
  • The plant in Bistrita was named Plant of the Year at the following categories: Quality and Performance (2007 and 2009); Remarkable production of the EU accession countries (2010); General Results (2010); ranked 1st in the Cutting Process Competition (2015); ranked 1st in the Exporters Top (2015).
  • The plant in Pitesti was named Plant of the Year, Quality and Performance category (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014) and the Costs and Motivation category (2012).

The Shared Service Center in Cluj-Napoca was originally intended to integrate and coordinate from a single location the HR administrative functions of all plants in the region. Meanwhile, 17 different corporate functions joined the center, serving both LEONI divisions – WSD (Wiring Systems Division) and WCS (Wiring Cable Solutions) – with local, regional and global responsibilities. The SSC in Cluj-Napoca developed on a solid base, namely a culture of continuous improvement, diversity and high performance, as well as LEONI’s fit for growth concept aligned with the organization's overall strategy.

From Romania, LEONI supplies a wide variety of our products to many different customers. Needless to say that we seek talented applicants for many different professional fields. LEONI strives to provide its staff with interesting jobs that involve a high degree of personal responsibility in a motivating, encouraging and constructive environment. As an attractive employer, we look for skilled and committed employees as well as retaining them within the Company. In so doing, we rely among other things on targeted, international talent management, an extensive range of advanced training options and performance-related compensation. Occupational health and safety are also of major importance and, in the same time, Green and CSR programs included in our strategy make the difference when choosing to work with us.

LEONI places special emphasis on the ongoing development of its employees through:

  • Internal mobility/ talent management (the main focus of the organization is internal promotion)
  • Social responsibility (different Corporate Social Responsibility programs, association with NGOs and partnerships with local Chambers of Commerce)
  • Compensation and benefit package (based on performance indicators)
  • Soft and hard skills trainings and leadership programs
  • Retention programs
  • Health and safety benefits
  • Voice of LEONI (a global employee satisfaction survey done every 2 years)