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Employee benefits

Our employees are dedicated for their success and our company’s – therefore we want to make sure they enjoy what they do and get the chance to improve their skills and broaden their creativity and professional approach to different tasks.

Beyond offering different professional training options for all job hierarchies such as soft skills and foreign language courses, we also make sure the work-life-balance is ensured. Our activity programs playing football and other sports, organizing team buildings and events such as Christmas parties and LEONI Open Day.

It is important to seek for talent in different pools such as local job fairs in partnership with the Labor Force for unemployed people, and also at schools and universities. Pupils and students can get to know LEONI during our company presentations at a plant or a university, during practice programs at our plants and through the collaborations with those institutions that we successfully maintain.

Job opportunities

We are looking for talented candidates focused on continuously professional and personal development. Here you can find current open positions at our job sites within Romania.

Romanian job offers

Mainly, we seek professionals with experience in different countries, with a technical background and who are knowledgeable of at least one foreign language. We also offer internships for college students.

For more information on our plants

Each of the three sites in Romania has a range of internship agreements in place with the universities. These internships are specifically designed for students approaching the end of their education.

The objective of the internship program developed by LEONI in Romania is to recruit students to bring added value through the creativity, energy and motivation characteristic of youths in the early career.

All our processes, programs and all the resources involved assure that our team members approach their profession with energy and enthusiasm, adding quality to their work. We are all united in our common focus on delivering exceptional value and acting in the best interests of our clients.

But not only the students are our talents. LEONI policy is to grow and develop its own people.